3D Laser Scanning Service

A Project Example

Following is a laser scanned 15,000 square foot building. This point cloud contains 1,573,252,852 points collected with an error margin of less than 5mm. The point cloud was used by builders to measure and develop against existing site condition and measurements.

Reveal the Floorplan

With a complete laser scan, a structure can be viewed from any vantage point – specifically excluding data that is not needed. In this example, the ceilings of the first floor were removed in order to view the rooms of the first floor.

Zoom into the Detail

Laser scanned data is extremely precise with millimeter accurate data points, enabling a high level of detail from any vantage point.

Fly Through Video

The developers only had a need for the point cloud, but we thought it might be nice to take some of the data and create a fly-through for the sake of demonstrating a video of this point cloud. All this data was captured from the stationary, tripod mounted laser scanner set in many different positions. Using software, an imaginary camera was moved through the point cloud, obtaining this visualization.

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