Aerial Surveying

Aerial surveying provides high resolution maps for decision making calculations. Use integrated tools to calculate the area, volume, and elevation of objects within your maps. It’s like Google Earth, but on-demand.

Development Data Example

In this aerial surveying example, a drone flies a programmed course to create a 6.15 acre orthorgraphic map of a residential development. The markup is sample data. The boxes represent an example of possible lots and their sizes. Additionally, a pile of material is imaged and calculated in section G.

The map markup contains an administrative side and a public side. The administrative panel for the map (not shown) allows an engineer to make decisions on the development. The administrator has a multitude of tools that can be added to the map.

  • Calculate the distance between objects
  • Measure the area of a selection
  • Measure the volume of a selection
  • Label various features on the map
  • Measure the change in elevation across the map or an object
  • And much more

The data is easily exported and shared to stakeholders in the development. Those with direct access to the panel can contribute to the map with their comments, calculations, or markup. Those with public only access, can view exported shared data on the map, as in this example.

Additionally, since the course is programmed, the flight path can be perfectly recreated so that the drone gathers data from the exact same vantage point. In this way, a developer can see how a plot of land changes over time without worrying about how the data is captured.

Click here or on on the image to view the export.

Geographic Feature Example

This man made lake in East Nashville, TN is an example of larger area calculation. The lake contains an interesting small land mass. The area of the lake and the land mass have been calculated. Area A represents the total area of the lake and area B is the land mass contained within.

The map is anchored on top of Google Earth imagery. The images in the orthographic map of the lake is geotagged so that they sit exactly in the same location as the data from Google Earth. Since HoverPro Tech orthographic maps can be created at any interval, they frequently update the data provided by older Google Earth images.

Shelby Park Lake Sevier Map

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