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Realtors: We Turn You into a Star!

Have a look at this raving review of realtor Jeremy Hundley. We created a video to market his client’s property in East Nashville. Not only did Jeremy create a raving fan after using HoverPro Tech, but his client was able to sell his property fast.

We sold our house for over asking price on the first Saturday it was for sale and we had two full price backup offers.

HoverPro Tech real estate videos are uniquely poised close your sale because in a few minutes they convey the all the elements of your listing.

  • Visualize the neighborhood using a custom Google Earth fly-through with labels and motion graphics

  • Tour the outside of the property with high definition drone footage

  • Use steady cam interior footage to see the main selling features of the home

  • Video footage is color calibrated and enhanced for maximum pop, smoothness, and clarity

  • Your video includes a social media package to make it easy to share

Having a great video is only part of the HoverPro Tech solution. Take a look at the social media buttons on the bottom of this page and click one. A professionally styled social media post, containing text that you choose to embed in the page will be automatically created.

You can take the URL of the property and copy it into Facebook or send it via text message. Since we use rich media and style the content for you, you can be sure your social media shares will all have the same look and message as they propagate through the internet.

Additionally, the HoverPro Tech property pages are[street-address-of-property] which make it easy to remember, share, and get indexed by search engines.

These tools enabled the house to reach the widest audience, generate a buzz, and sell above asking price. Jeremy’s client sums it up best:

If you want to sell to a premium audience, you have to offer some premium services.

Call 615-485-9040. We would love to make it easy for you!

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