Interior Video Walkthrough Package

We can call out the interior features of your property with motion graphics, maximizing the impact of your listing.

Your time is valuable. We handle the interior walkthrough and suit it to your needs, using motion graphics to call out the features you want noticed. Your clients will fall in love with your listing before their first visit.

The video is captured using a steady cam, shooting at 60 frames per second to insure the smoothest possible playback. We make use of advanced post-production color calibration techniques to ensure your video will pop and be noticed above any other media.

HoverPro Tech handles the video hosting and social media integration for you. You’ll share your video across social media platforms with the click of a button. A customized message with your contact information and a property thumbnail will follow your video around as it makes its way across social media platforms.

Click the Facebook button below for an example and imagine this is your video. It’s just that easy to get your message out there!

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