Rosebank Development Orthographic Aerial Map

12.8 Acre High Resolution Aerial Map

Orthographic maps created by HoverPro Tech bring a detailed view to a large area. Orthographic maps make use of multiple images taken of the surface. Since the images are geo-tagged and contain precise coordinates, they can be stitched together with software to take a large area and render into one image. Keep track of your construction projects by obtaining aerial maps like this, flown using exactly the same pattern, at different times during your project cycle.

Use your mouse to zoom in and move the map around.

The data which was used to fly the 12.8 acre course that created this orthographic map is saved, so that it can be duplicated exactly in the future. Doing so will allow you to see exactly how your project is progressing, from the high perspective or a detailed, zoomed in perspective.

This aerial map was taken with 285 images from the following location.


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