Safe, Licensed, Legal, and Insured

The safe, licensed, and legal use of UAVs remains one of our priorities.  We ensure that the footage we capture is done so in accordance with all regulations. Why is that important? Because the FAA requires it. Here’s a look into our general operations.

  • Licensed Operators

    We obtained Part 107 from the FAA, giving us the licence to fly commercial operations.

  • Commercial Insurance

    $1 Million liability insurance for operations in any airspace.

  • Airspace Requirements

    Before any operation, we check airspace restrictions here. If an exemption is needed, we file it with the FAA.

  • Operation with Exemption

    Projects flown with exemptions are logged. Click here to view one of our approved FAA exemptions for operation near Nashville International Airport.

  • Pre-Flight Checklist

    We survey the area of operations, review all our equipment, and remain easily identifiable.

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