3D Laser Scanning

As-Built Site Documentation

Documenting accurate and complete measurements of a site prior to any design or construction project is a critical step. 3D Laser Scanning makes it easy to capture billions of precise data points. This collective data set becomes a point cloud to complete site documentation and reveal unknown existing conditions.

HoverPro Tech uses the Faro Focus s350 Laser Scanner, capable of obtaining up to 976,000 points per second with a range of 350 meters. Engineers and architects can focus on their project rather than worry about investing time into sending their teams back out to complete and update their documentation.

Laser scanning ensures this process is done quickly, accurately, and completely the first time around.

Ensure Accuracy

The traditional approach to obtaining site measurements is laborious, time consuming, and subject to human error. Replace your onsite measurement teams with laser scanning. Increase your accuracy, and automate delivery of site measurements for as-built modeling into Revit.

  • Range FocusS 350: 0.6 – 350m
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo recording 2x/3x/5x
  • 165 Megapixel Camera
  • Measurement speed: up to 976,000 points/second
  • Ranging error: ± 1mm
  • Angular Accuracy: 19 arcsec for vertical/horizontal angles

Better than the Traditional Approach

The traditional approach involves committing your team onsite to obtain measurements by hand. Field teams typically use hand held laser measurement tools or analog equipment. This data is prone to error and must be processed in a secondary step by the developers.

3D laser scanning completes two critical steps: obtaining the data and presenting the data for use. Human error is eliminated, accuracy is improved, and time is reduced – all while lowering site documentation costs.

HoverPro Tech will dramatically enhance your construction workflow, by providing a complete point cloud of an entire site for the creation of your Building Information Model.

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