Facilities 3D Digital Twin

Simplify facilities management with laser scanning and modeling

Create a road map to your facilities with a High Resolution 3D Digital Twin. HoverPro Tech leverages advanced LIDAR scanning techniques to create 3D digital rendering of your entire facility. The data gathered by the scan contains the state of the site and all its elements at the time of capture. This data can be used for a variety of critical objectives.

  • Gather measurement data
  • Facilitate planning and maintenance
  • Audit the current state of the site
  • Document the progress on facility expansion
  • Full M.E.P. plan
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Reporting for all stakeholders during the building lifecycle

Completing site documentation is one of the most challenging aspects of facilities management that is made easy by laser scanning. Consider piping and electrical equipment requiring a retrofit, modification, or replacement. With a laser scan, the existing site data is modeled with complete accuracy in order to ensure precision when designing a change.

Laser Scan to Model Example

Use the slider to move between the 3D laser point cloud and the rendered model

Capture complete facilities

Gathering data starts with a point cloud. A tripod mounted laser scanner is placed in various strategic locations at a site and beams a laser to create millions of points reflected off a structure. The points are gathered and registered into one collection of points that is used the create the point cloud that the completes raw picture of the site.

Point cloud of one building

Point cloud of multiple buildings at a site

Point cloud of industrial facility

Use Point Cloud to Created As-Built Model

The facilities digital twin

The laser scan of the site preserves the state of the site as is, helping facility managers keep a record of the lifecycle of the site. If the data needs to be used for architects or engineers, it can be modeled into a Building Information Model (BIM) – the digital twin. The BIM is created from the laser scan and rendered with all the constituent parts. This digital twin can be easily shared and viewed for a complete picture of a structure.

Example of a fully rendered model.

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