Visual Progress Reports

See change over time

Examine your site changes. Use aerial videography and photography along with 3D models, 360 panoramas, and orthographic maps to stay on target.

Quickly share your timeline. With a password protected link, your team and your clients can stay informed and easily access site progress.

Modular Reporting System

for a customized solution

Your report is filled with the data you require. Provide a high level view for management and a low level view for engineers.

  • Video Module: The footage from the site is edited into a video suitable for presentation. It can contains professional edits, styling, and music suitable for an internal or external audience
  • Image Module: Images are taken from the same vantage point, week by week or at an interval of your choosing. The drone is GPS locked, so that the images are taken from the same vantage point and altitude.
  • 3D Model Module: Hundreds of images are obtained in order to create a point cloud and mesh that relalizes the 3D features of the site in a process called photogrammetry. The images are draped over the mesh, creating a model. Click here for an example.
  • Panorama Module: A 360 interactive panoramic images is obtained. The panorama can be manipulated in the report in order to swivel perspective or zoom into elements.
  • Orthographic Module: Images taken from top down are stitched together in a single map, complete with tools to measure distance, elevation, volume, and area.
Visual Progress Report 1
Visual Progress Report 2

Easily Share the Data with your Team

The visual progress reports are easy to share, as they are provided via a password protected link. There is no need to manage large amounts of data to send to your team. One link gets you to your report, which can be viewed on any device.

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